Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sledding Sunday

We're in Superbowl avoidance mode around here. We've been invited to three different Superbowl parties, and since there was no was to choose we decided to avoid the whole thing. We're taking the kids sledding. I'm sure the game will come on when we get home. I hope your team wins and I hope you're smart enough not to drive after you've had a couple. In my mind, the dangers of post-Superbowl driving are as bad as New Year's Eve.
The editing is coming along. I'm nearly half-way through the tougher ones and hoping to make fantastic progress tomorrow. Maybe I'll even be done by Tuesday. I'm taking today off. Maybe. I might do a few pages while I'm waiting for everyone to get home so we can leave.
On a random note - getting a 17 year old, two 12 year olds, and a 9 year old ready to go somewhere is like post-nuclear bomb time. Okay, so I'll take the 17 year old out of the equation since she drives herself and her dallying doesn't really affect me. But, geeze, how many times do I have to tell you to brush your teeth? ha! Why don't you have your shoes on? I swear it was easier when they were all babies and I had to change diapers, pick out clothes, dress each one, and help them brush their teeth.
I'm off to slip on the ice!


Susan Kelley said...

Have fun. The snow is covered with ice so sledding is quite ... thrilling.
My kids range in age from 14 to 23 and I agree, it's much more difficult to get them all moving in the same direction at the same time than it ever was before. And they still find the dumbest things to argue about.

Victoria said...

Yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no emergency room visits.
Yes, they do find the dumbest things to argue about. I am completely amazed sometimes!! LOL

Ava Quinn said...

You mean it gets worse instead of better?!?! Why don't you just give me a paper cut on my tongue an douse it in lemon juice?! ;}

achorist - someone covered in barnacles who juggles anchors.

Victoria said...

I wouldn't say worse, M, just different. Sometimes worse. Sometimes better. Sometimes worrying about light sockets seems like a nice alternative to teen driving and them going out without you.
But...there's a lot of fun stuff, too!