Friday, July 31, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Trying to catch up again! Man. I am tired of the running and chaos. Summer's going too fast!
Here's the Friday list!
1. Sleeping in.
2. Sweet, sweet air conditioning.
3. Kids having fun.
4. Very tanned children. Because it means they're outside having fun. (redundant, much?)
5. Planning the trip to my cousins wedding. Just me and my sister on a road trip. Sweet! (We will not talk about how the trip is less than a week away and how I have absolutely no idea what I'm wearing yet, or how the coming week has obligations every single stinking night which puts a damper on possible shopping and packing.)
6. Kids who take care of the housework while I'm busy being a headless chicken.
7. Rain.
8. My writers group meeting tomorrow.
9. Getting caught up with myself - still working on it, but getting there.
10. Showers. Because...being clean is good.
Oh and I came downstairs this morning to the aftermath of several twenty-year olds who'd cooked in my kitchen late last night. They'd mostly cleaned up, but missed wiping down the counter. I grabbed a rag and apparently there was fire-of-the-devil hot sauce somewhere. Didn't realize there was some on my hand until I touched my freaking eye!! Ouch. I hope that's not an indication of how the day's going to go.
Might be back with a Summer Survival post later. Time will tell.

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