Monday, July 06, 2009

Where Have You Been?

Or...where have I been?
At camp.
I meant to post while I was away, but time got away from me.
We - or at least most of us - were at camp. Big surprise there.
Too much to 'splain, so I'll sum up.
Mice in my sister's camper. Again. Rain. Rain. Lots 'o rain. Mud. Lots of that, too. Big trees falling in the path (pictures of that later). Retrieving firewood from the woods from the last flood and almost getting stuck in the mud and losing my shoes. Laughing. Silliness. Campfires. Swimming. Stinky rugs. Rain. Tired dogs. Kids coming home from camp and then leaving again. Flooded tents. The potential for other kids to go to camp. Other kids going to camp soon. Ants. Friends. Little, little kids. Crayfish. Sparklers. Glow sticks. Hooking up and driving with the camper all by myself for the first time ever. Extra nights. Drama. Non-drama. Laughing.
Make sense?
I'm too tired to be coherent!
More later!

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