Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

The post camp edition.
Which of the following really happened while I was away camping.

1. Remember me telling you about how I hit my thumb with a hatchet while trying to chop wood almost a month ago? Yeah. Well...I did it again. Right between my thumb and pointer finger on the same hand. It hurts like a mother, though the new injury isn't as bad as the old, still-healing injury. Same way, too. Chopping wood for the fire. Pictures later.

2. In my last post I mentioned "stinky rugs". The reason the rug stank was because we parked over a mole's abode and must have squashed one during the set up of the camper and subsequent rug placement. The stink? Yeah. You guessed it - dead critter. Joyous. We're trying to save the rug, but are not hopeful. (the dead mole was not pretty either - looked like a mole pancake)

3. I also mentioned flooded tents in my last post. That would be K4's hardly used tent. She bought it herself three years ago, and has only managed to sleep in it maybe twice. Now it's nearly too small for her, which is beside the point. She was determined to sleep in it this campout. She and K3 put it up and she stowed her gear inside. Then it rained. And rained. And rained. And flooded. Big time. Because, apparently, they put the rain fly on wrong and instead of deflecting the rain, it funnelled it directly into the tent.

So...which is it?


vickyb said...

#2! ;)


sailorcross said...

I have no idea so I'm going to guess #2--just because this sounds like something that would have happened to you guys!!

I'm hoping it's not #1--AGAIN?!?