Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip: Part Two

<--Random road work.
The view from the backseat. -->

(I'm not sure if these are in the right order anymore.)

<--Lady Liberty - much zoomed.
Finally in the city. -->
After locating the parking garage and nearly stroking because of how much it was going to cost us to park for the hours we were going to be there, we set out through the city. Figuring out where to eat took a while, but we finally settled on a decent place and sat right in the front overlooking the streets. The windows opened, so it was like being on the sidewalk. That was pretty cool, though it opened us up to being negotiated with by cute, tiny street hustlers. The kid was adorable and had his pitch down so well it didn't matter if he was really raising money for his basketball team. Obviously, he needed the cash. Anyway. The food was good. The service not so much and our waitress ignored herself out of a much better tip. We left there and hiked several blocks to our final destination: Sullivan Hall.
I didn't get any pictures of the outside of the venue, and not many of the inside either, but you'll see what you can in the next post.
Wait for it.

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