Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday: Five Things

This weeks starts some major insanity around here. Yeah, the past four weeks were nuts - but in a different way. We're in the last week of camp, but being minus one kid does little to lessen the impact. In fact I think it adds to it, because of the "missing" factor.
Here's my Sunday list:
1. I have a yard full of teenagers. K2's camp counselor friends. Loud, laughing, guzzling caffeinated sodas, did I mention loud? They're having a blast and that's all that matters. Plus, they're a really great group of kids.
2. I sat on the front porch and something (probably an ant) bit me in the butt. It still stings.
3. I need a nap. And I must look like it too, because one of K2's friends asked me if I was okay.
4. When you invite people to your house and then fall asleep, you're going to get your fingernails painted. And your toenails, too. And people will take pictures of you and talk about putting make-up on you. I'm just sayin'. (Yes, it really happened. And, no, it wasn't me.)
5. Going to the grocery store is one of my least favorite things to do.
If I'm scarce over the next few weeks, just know it's not personal. I'm going to try not to be.

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