Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Nonsense

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for the snow this morning. It was a little, but I liked it. Please send much more!

Dear Neighbors,
Please. Stop. The. Blessed. Honking. You are driving me insane, especially at 2am. Ridiculous.

Dear Christmas,
I am still not ready for you. My holiday happiness meter remains at .001%. Sometimes it goes up a little, but it always plummets. I would like some holiday happiness though.

Dear 2010,
I am done with you now. Go away.

Dear Work in Progress,
Oh how you frustrate me. I don't know whether to let you rest or soldier on. Do you even want to be finished? I still love your concept and your characters, but you are not coming together the way you should. Is it because I have no focus, or do I lack focus because of you? Would beginning something else put you in the right perspective for me? Or would I sabotage myself by doing so?

Dear Pantry and Refrigerator,
Why are you always empty? I fill you constantly, but you never stay that way. Why are you so hellbent on emptying my wallet and draining my sanity? I cannot keep up with demand.

Dear Children,
Please see above. You eat like soon to be hibernating bears with tapeworms. No, there is no food in the pantry because you ate it all and I have not had time to go to the store again. I just went. Really.

That is all.


Ava Quinn said...

You crack me the hell up. Hibernating bears with tapeworms. *shakes head* Too much!

Victoria said...