Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dear Supernatural People,

It's been a while. I know. I'd apologize for that, but last season was just so... I don't know... Not normal. Good, but not my Supernatural. I'd go into it, but let's not.
Let's face forward and stay that way...
So... Last night... Loved it! Loved Dean coming back from purgatory and stressing out the campers. Loved the subplot with the vampire (and loved the vamp, too... oy! his voice!) (Interested to find out what they did down there and what happens next with Dean and the vampire! And where is Cass?) And Sam! His hair! Oy! That's some good hair! And Wow! Why is Dean being such a bitch to Sam about quitting? Didn't Dean do the same thing after Sam fell into the pit with Lucifer? Anyway - I think we'll hear more on that later, because... the cabin? Why did Sam go there to begin with? And why didn't he take his new dog?
Kevin! I love Kevin! (There are a lot of ! in this post!) What a smart kid! And sarcastic, too. I can't wait to see how his character develops this season.
Crowley has always been one of my favorites. (He has that voice, too) Love his desperation and total frustration with Kevin, Sam, and Dean.
I need to watch this episode again, but let me sum up by saying... This episode has restored my utter and true love of my very favorite show! I am so looking forward to this season! I'm going to have to adjust to Wednesday nights, but for me, Wednesdays are way better than Friday!
I will keep you posted!

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