Friday, October 12, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Hey! It's Friday!
Here's the list:
1. Friday!
2. Ren Faire tomorrow! Yay! I'm so excited!
3. That man and I trying our hand at Pumpkin Martini's. First one = :(. I'm slowly, slowly choking it down. 3/4 more to go. Then we try a different mix. Who knew they had pumpkin vodka?
4. Sleeping in a little tomorrow.
5. Writing every day this week!
6. Loving the new book.
7. The weather. I need to get my warmer clothes out now.
8. My kid getting on a plane to Rome! She's terrifically excited and pretty scared, too. Not only is this her first time in an airplane ever, but she's flying International, and she's alone. She meets up with J as soon as the plane lands. Then, they're off to Paris. (J is studying in Rome this semester.) What a fantastic experience for her!
9. Hanging with the K's (and J - not the Rome J, but the new daughter J.)
10. Dinner with the besties coming up!
That's all for now... I think I need to dump this martini and try again...

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