Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live Blogging the Birthday...

There are many teenagers in my living room. The Xbox is very loud.
"Good for you for understanding that with your second grade education"
"This wouldn't be a good cup if this was a real skull. The fluid would leak out all over your hand."
"I regularly use a cat tail to stir my drinks." (I dunno. We don't  have a cat.)
"You know eating too much cheese will make you constipated."
"Isn't that like the presidential thing or is it the graduation one?"
"I want that to be played at my funeral."
Also, random singing, my sister's dog is wearing a sweatshirt, too many empty pizza boxes, a 3# bag of Swedish Fish demolished, and several 2-liter soda bottles.
Except for K1, J, & K2 I am the only adult in the house. (And since they're participating in the conversation in the living room, I feel very alone right now)
I did make his requested birthday cake - pumpkin spice. It turned out great and was super easy. I used a carrot cake mix, a can of pumpkin pie filling, and 1/3 cup of water. I made cream cheese frosting, too.
The family will descend upon us in a few hours and there will be even more chaos.
The kid is having a really good day so far!
That is all...for now.

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