Wednesday, October 24, 2012


At our house...
Pictures (hopefully) to follow.
K1 - absent due to a stomach virus.
K2 - she made a monster. This monster took up my whole dining room table. It was gross and messy and I was not happy, but the carving was so cool.
K3 - Insisted on a big pumpkin. Whatever. He carved it, poked the pieces back in, and then proceeded to practice knife throwing at the pumpkin... I am confused...
K4 - Still uncarved. She's waiting for her decal. The one Dad is printing for her.
K5 - We carved, colored, carved, and tried to feed the carved pumpkin apple slices. (The pumpkin did not like) She yelled at her pumpkin for not eating the apple, scribbled on it, and then gave me her little one to keep.
We had a blast on pumpkin carving day!

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