Friday, October 05, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Hello, Friday!
I've missed you!
I know it's only been a week since we were together last, but it was a long week. I'm glad you're here.
Want to hear the list from this week? Too bad if you don't. It's my blog and I'll make lists if I want. Ha!
1. Friday! duh!
2. Sleeping in a little tomorrow. Just a little.
3. Writing meeting tomorrow! Yay! It seems like forever!
4. Rain in the forecast! I love a rainy weekend!
5. Chicken broccoli alfredo for dinner. Even though I cooked when I didn't want to. It was worth it.
6. Meeting my monthly goal. Even with the wedding.
7. Comfy pants and my favorite sweatshirt!
8. Standing up for my friends when they're being bullied. I'll never take it back!
9. Getting to watch Firefly, The Walking Dead, and Supernatural this week!
10. The fire in my backyard! It's time to go sit by it with that man and have some bonding time!

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