Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Whole Lot of Recap...

Almost a week! It's been a busy one.

K4's show was awesomely amazing. She did such a great job with her acting and directing roles. So proud of her and her classmates!

(Next year, I will take off the day after. We were out way late and then went to camp...)

Friday - work day was long, but not slow. If that makes sense. That Man got off early and did the grocery shopping for camp. I met him at home and we quickly threw clothing, bedding, etc together and hit the road. It didn't take long to set up and thankfully, my sister made dinner. Friday night was relaxing and fun after we got set up. We had Mr. B and he was a riot.

Saturday - no sleeping in due to a four-year-old, but that's okay. We had a really good day.

Sunday - picnic time, which was good. That Man's mom made it up, which is also good. Unfortunately, I started feeling crappy right before the picnic. My head was killing me and my throat hurt. I went to lay down and slept through most of the afternoon. Woke up feeling a little better, but still pretty crappy. To bed early, and a really rough night of sleep. It rained like hell, but that wasn't my issue.

Monday - slept in a little, but woke feeling like hell. Achey, exhausted, and just not right. I managed to help break camp and load up. Luckily, the rain prevented us from dropping the camper - which would have been more work I don't think I could have done. (we'll have to drop it once the rain stops) Got home, ordered food, napped, and went to bed early.

Today is Tuesday - woke up feeling better. Still sore and achey and tired. K4 feels the exact same way. Made it through work, and now, after getting as much stuff done as I could, I feel awful. My nose is running, my head hurts, my body aches, my throat hurts... Don't know if it's an allergy thing (think so), or something else, but oy!! Stop already! I'm going to bed very soon.

I did get my editing done and sent for critique.

Tomorrow is K1's birthday. I have no idea what we're doing yet or what's going on...

That's all for now!


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