Thursday, May 18, 2017

Retreat: Day Two - Post Two

I'm rocking the word count! I have a little over 5K words and it's only 3pm! Yay! The story is flowing, but now it's time to take a break. I will do this post and then take a nap, or at least read for a bit.

All of my peeps are in the house! Also, YAY!! We've had a room relocation due to flying ants. I love my retreat peeps. They are so chill about stuff happening. And the staff here is amazing. They treat us like we're their most important guests. I love it and I totally appreciate how easy they make this for me. Our newbies are settled in and it seems like they've been here every year. Also love that.

So now I have to think about my sequel book for Into the Fire. I also need to think about the short for our second "Sentence" anthology. Plotting/idea wrangling is in my near future and I'm excited.

We've been talking a lot about what this retreat is about. Everyone has different needs, they're at different stages in their writing, lives, and are dealing with different things in their life. Usually, we end up with a singular theme that covers everyone and it's awesome. It's either something like renewal, regeneration, discovery - that kind of thing. Sometimes we know what it's going to be shortly after we get here. Other times, we know before we leave on Sunday. This year we're still working on it. Part of that is due to some folks just getting here, the other part is that it sometimes takes a little bit to shake off the real world and focus in and then there's the getting to know the new people. Most of us have only been officially here for twenty-four hours now.

Don't know if I'll be back today or not... It will depend on my plotting schedule...


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