Monday, May 15, 2017

Two More Sleeps!

Until Retreat!! Whoot!!

I'm about 90% ready.

All of the retreat stuff is ready and waiting to be loaded into Simon's car. My clothes are almost packed. I just need to throw a few things in tomorrow night.

Basically, I need to wash my blankie and my jeans, pack up my computer, and go to the store for a few things.

Simon will stop here to load almost everything tomorrow evening, except my essentials. And then Wednesday morning she will come back and pick me up and we'll hit the road for Retreat! We'll stop for breakfast, and then lunch, and then we'll finally get there!

The family has their schedules mostly worked out. They're good to go. Everyone has a car and a little money, so they'll figure out the stuff they don't know yet.

One more work day! Thank goodness!


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