Friday, May 12, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Oh Lordy, we made it to Friday! Thank goodness!

Let's get to the good, shall we?

1. Friday! Duh! It was a brutal week at the day job. Brutal.

2. Not cooking dinner. Or even thinking about it. That Man took care of it. Which is just one of the many awesome things he does.

3. K4's Improv show tonight. It was so funny and so awesome. She's one of the leaders and she did an awesome job!

4. Sleeping in tomorrow!

5. Plans to hang with my girl tomorrow. We have to do some stupid chores, but it'll be good. Unfortunately, our sibling gathering has been cancelled due to illness. I'm super sad about it, but I also don't want exposed to sickness and it's supposed to rain like heck, so... Still sucks though.

6. Four days until Retreat!! Whoot!

That's all for now!


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