Thursday, May 18, 2017

Retreat: Day Two - Post One

It is a beautiful day here! The sun is shining, there's a wonderful breeze, birds are chirping. (We won't talk about the construction guys with the stuck lift beeping constantly on the road out front.) My windows are open and the breeze is coming through. My bed is huge and comfy. (though I only got about 3 hours of sleep and was up at 3:30am. Showered by 5:30. And have already napped once...)

Okay. I just spent the last ten minutes trying to find something to tie my blinds up because, though the wind is quite lovely, it made a horrible clacking noise as it goes through the blinds. That's all fixed now and I'm back to being in "beautiful" mode. Ha!

Something weird just happened though...

I was looking for a hair tie to tie up the blinds. It hasn't been that long since I've had no hair, so first I looked in my bathroom bag. None. Then, I looked in my briefcase as it tends to become just like a purse (i.e. catchall). I looked into a little pocket where I generally keep appointment cards and the like - a pocket I have looked in a million times - and I found my mom's ring.

To back up - this was her first "Mother's Ring". One with her and my dad's birthstones, my brother's, and mine. When we were cleaning the house, it was decided that I should have this. It's not worth anything - the stones aren't real - but it has sentiment. I wore it constantly and then one weekend while over there, I took it off because we were doing something gross, and I could never find it again.

And I found it today... On her birthday. On the anniversary of the day we had her services. This day is pretty hard, but finding this ring is an amazing thing. I feel like my momma is looking over me. I also have to add that this briefcase was my dad's. I immediately texted my sisters - as one said "that's crazy, but comforting". Exactly.

It's amazing how this little thing has made such a huge difference in how I feel. I have to go write now. I already have over 500 words and I want to hit as close to 2K as possible before lunch!


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