Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Three Days In...

We're three days into May...

The weather is not really nice. It's cold and breezy. I'm kind of okay with that. I mean it's not cold enough to worry about heat, and a sweatshirt does nicely. Sleeping is good.

Illness has besieged our home once again. One has potential Mono, or strep, or just severe allergies. Two have stomach issues - not out and out sickness, but yucky. Of course, everyone is showing allergy symptoms though most of us have never had to worry about them. With the amount of pollen blowing around out there, it's no wonder.

The dog took a package of hot dogs off of the counter and ate half of them. She waited until my back was turned and got busted by K4. Not happy with her at the moment. She's properly regretful, but argh. I know. Dogs will be dogs.

The laundry fairy keeps missing my house. It's making me sad. And naked. Ha!

Tomorrow is Thursday. Yay. Though I'll feel more Yay when it's this time tomorrow night.

Soon I will share two book covers with you. One is Into the Fire, which comes out at the end of June. The other is an anthology I'm in with four other authors. It's a collection of shorts that all start with the same sentence and I do believe we're offering it for free. Both covers are awesome and I'm excited.

Writing is going well. I'm making great progress rewriting a Frankenstein-ish type story that I love.

13 days until Retreat. It's time to make my lists and think about what I need to pack. I need to do a little shopping since all of my comfy pants look like crap and my slippers have gone missing. It doesn't really matter if I end up in ratty comfy pants though.

And... it's bedtime...


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