Saturday, July 22, 2017

Feel Good Friday On Saturday

A little late, but since I was in bed by 9pm last night...

All of the Feel Goods in one place...

1. Sleeping in this morning. Even though I didn't "really" since I went to bed so early. It was still nice to wake up relaxed and well-rested.

2. Living through the work week. It was a brutal one. One of the worst parts was that the air conditioning malfunctioned and it was like we were working in the jungle until Friday. Bleh.

3. That Man and K4 doing the shopping and cooking dinner last night. Nice!

4. Mr. B. He's such a funny and smart kid. I think he's going to grow up to be a litigator or something. He's always trying to make deals about everything. Ha!

5. Upcoming weekend plans to see two of my other grands. New baby!

6. Getting everything I needed/wanted to get done this morning finished. And having a quiet morning of just me and the dog. Now it's me and K4 and we're getting ready to head out on some errands.

7.  Writing time scheduled for later. We were supposed to have plans. Plans I was looking forward to, but since That Man is working in heat advisory temps, we'll be staying home. He won't be in any shape to go out. It stinks, but it's okay, too.

8. Talking to my UB. It's nice to just chat with him. He's all we have left on my mom's side of the family and over the years all of us kids have developed a really special bond with him. He calls us "his kids", which is awesome.

That's all for now.


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