Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday. Oh. Monday.

So... Monday...

The first thing is that I really, really wish I was going to the national conference in Florida tomorrow! It's been a super, super long time since I went and though you wouldn't think I would be feeling this way, I do. Next year it's in Colorado and while I would absolutely love to go there, I know that's not happening. BUT the year after, it's in New York, so that's definitely on my list of things that must be done!

Monday blows. It was a really rough work day. So rough I didn't think I would still have a job at the end. It wasn't that bad, but I felt that bad. I made a pretty huge mistake and it sucks. I love my boss for having my back and helping to guide me through the rough waters. I "think" it'll turn out okay in the end.

Attic renovations.... Oy! It's hot up there. We worked for quite a while clearing out the storage spaces to make room for additional storage. We have saved a bunch of newspapers with iconic headlines. We'll be keeping those, even if the kid doesn't think she'll care about them in twenty years. My guess is that they will all care when that time comes. We have every local paper from September 11th, which is cool to me even now. There's a lot, a lot, more to do, but the vision is starting to come together.

That Man found and fixed a major leak under the kitchen sink. We have had dishes all over the kitchen for almost two days. Of course, the leak was found after we made a whole lot of mess. He fixed it yesterday once he got all of the stuff he needed and the fix had to dry for hours (and even more hours since it's humid... so... yeah), but it was such a mess we ended up going out to dinner with Mr. B since we were watching him. When I got home tonight, That Man had started a run through the dishwasher (couldn't use that either) and I just finished up washing the rest of the dishes - from the mess and the ones that got yucky from the leak.

That's all for now. I have writing to do!!!


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