Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Where Have I Been?

So since last Thursday...

That Man and I went on an adventure, just the two of us. It was awesome!

The K's still living at home took care of each other, did their own shopping, laundry, trouble-shooting, and camping.

We road-tripped it to Missouri, which was a long drive. Despite the exhaustion, we had a lot of fun during the drive. (we'll not talk about getting pulled over in Ohio - no ticket, so all good, and no, it wasn't for speeding)

What's in Missouri, you ask?

My aunt and uncle - my uncle who happens to be my mom's only sibling. Cousins I hadn't met before and other family. I wish we could have seen more of them, but time wasn't working out for any of us. We did manage to see my other aunt and uncle (really cousins, ,but we call older cousins aunt and uncle), and had an awesome authentic Kansas City BBQ lunch before spending the afternoon visiting my old town (population: 220), and seeing old haunts. It was nice!

On the fourth, my aunt and uncle hosted a wedding. That Man and I helped out a lot. (It was a good thing we were there) and dealt with the rain during the wedding, in addition to a lot of stories I won't share here. It turned out very well, despite our obstacles.

We had a really nice time! It was good to sit and talk, laugh, and hear stories. Of course, it made me miss my folks, but it was good to share that with my uncle. We both needed it.

Then we made the long haul home and it was good to drive with That Man. We got home in the wee hours, slept for a while, and then tuned up the 'burban.

Back to work yesterday. Oy!


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