Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mid-Week Insanity

Halfway through the week... Thank goodness!

Let's see...

That Brother is here. He's cooked us some awesome food and the siblings got a chance to hang out last night, which was great. Tonight we had another amazing dinner. That Man and I cleaned up. I did laundry, and the boys went to check on their mother who was having a moment of confusion.

Well, she has a lot of those these days. She's 80 and she's not in the best of health. We are frequently, very frequently, over there. And then we have the additional visits when she believes her TV remote is hooked up to her oxygen tank or her medication schedule or, dare I say, her bathroom needs. Yeah. There is that. Most of this occurs in the evening, which is par for the course. She hides candy and sweets - always has. I say, let her eat the damn candy - within reason. Which she does have. Reason, I mean. We don't have any idea what's going to happen. We're watching everything between That Man's Sister, me, and That Man. This is the first time That Brother has had to deal with this since he lives so far away and it's freaking him out, I think.

We often talk about what our next step is and how to know when we have to make a decision. I would love to bring her here, but we don't have the funds to make a safe place for her at this point. Neither does That Sister. We're working on it. And spending as much time with her as possible. It's not like any of us don't know how this ends...

So anyway. She's fine and has cycled out of the confusion for tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings and we'll continue to do what we do.

And... That Man just went to bed and called me up to say two cats were trapped in our room and he smelled cat poop. Sure enough. There was poop. On. Our. Freaking. Bed. So yeah... That's forty times of grossness and disgustingness. I. Can't. Even. It's all cleaned up, sanitized beyond sanitized, but still...

Other than that...
There's a picked clean corn cob in my bathroom trash. Who does that?
We are 99.9% out of paper products in this house. About the only thing left is six napkins and some toilet paper - no napkins or papertowels. No paper plates. No disinfectant wipes (not after the cat poop anyway). This all, obviously, happened today.
The authentic sombreros we brought back from Missouri are starting to show up in weird places. K4 has one hanging on her door. K1 will show up with one on claiming his name is "Horatio" or something like that.

That's enough for now. I have more laundry to do now... Damn...


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