Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, here we are at Sunday again. Damn.

It's been a pretty decent weekend. Didn't get as much done as we wanted, but still making progress. The attic is coming along. We still have a crap ton to do. Like walls and floors. Ugh, but the insulation has been added. Laundry has been done (shh. It's not folded yet) That Man fixed the cupboard in the kitchen that keeps falling apart and the screen door. I made awesome lasagna for dinner last night. The grass has been mowed, though the weeding didn't get done. K3 came over for a bit and now That Man and I are alone. We did the grocery shopping (ugh) and got tomorrow's dinner in a marinade.

So yeah, busy weekend. I'm beat.

Now it's writing time. Maybe I'll get the laundry folded after. Maybe not. All I can think about is crawling into bed, so we'll see...

That is all.


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