Monday, August 27, 2007

And They're Off...

To school!
All I can say's weird here.
The dog started in before they were even dropped off. She's been moaning and whining all morning. And following me. She's already checked out their rooms twice, bothered the cat and can't seem to make up her mind where she wants to be. Right now, she's beside me - whining.
B is taking care of drama school traffic today. So tomorrow that trip will start for me.
So what am I doing?
Ha! Not much. Yet.
B will be home after he drops K2 off at high school. I don't know what his plans are, but I imagine they'll include yard work. The routine - my routine - won't start until after Labor Day. Hopefully by then we'll have worked out some kind of ride share with the other kids from K2's high school attending the drama school.
For now, I'm enjoying the quiet. (Translation: blaring the music I want to listen to and not competing with Sponge Bob)

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