Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Decision Made...

And work started.
My progress this morning has been much better than I'd hoped.
I wasn't sure I wanted to work on "Jagged Edges" first, but the truth is, "Under the Bridge" is just not ready to be edited yet. There's something stopping me and I'm listening. The thought of tearing into it makes my head hurt and after spending all day yesterday reading, I've decided to work on it last. That's probably as hard to understand as it is to explain.
My coherent thoughts aren't with me again today. My focus is on the edits, as they've been for what seems like ages now.
Oh, and my horoscope just keeps lying to me.
I was supposed to have many obstacles in my path yesterday. The day turned out to be a pretty darned good one. Maybe mine is reversed? Or maybe I should stop checking it. So far, none of the awesomely cool stuff predicted for me this year has come true.
Oh well...
That's it.

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