Monday, August 06, 2007


But with good reason.
We've been totally packed with social obligation these past few days. Yeah. I know. It's a terrible life. Someone's got to do it though!
Tonight we're off to a pool party. The kids are so excited. They've been ready to go for hours.
So...We came home after being gone all day to find the refrigerator suspiciously full of condensation. I checked to make sure the door was firmly closed before we left at 9am because it has a tendency to not want to shut the whole way. K2 "thinks" it was open a little when we got home at 4:30, but she's not sure. Guess we'll be on fridge watch over the next few days. There's no doubt the milk on the door will need thrown out. The plastic container is swelled and the milk no longer feels cold. #$*&)
Did I mention the heat yet?
The temperature is only 88*, but the heat index is 96*.
We're under a heat advisory right now.
I'm so glad we're going swimming.
Guess I'd better go find my suit!

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