Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Friday

Too much to do. Not much to say.
And a busy weekend ahead that the mere thought of makes my brain hurt.
The younger K's are off school today, but K2 still had to go to her drama school. I'm lucky because she doesn't rely on me to wake her - especially since she gets up at some ridiculous time like 5am - but I do get up to spend some time with her before seeing her off. No sleeping in, and no going back to bed, even though I entertained the thought. I have too much to do and I probably wouldn't be able to sleep again.
K4 fell on the playground at school yesterday. Skinned her knee and hurt her wrist. The x-ray's I was certain we'd have to get don't appear to be on the horizon. She's moving it more and telling me it feels much better. So...whew.
Well, it's September already.
The kids all say they feel like they've been in school forever already. In my opinion, that's good. Let's just hope they continue to be as enthusiastic as time goes on.
Well, enough insightful thoughts from me. Ha!
Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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