Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Thing After Another...

That's how it's been around here.
It's Wednesday already and I have no idea how that happened!
I can't say anything too major has been going on. Just a bunch of little things. Most of them inconsequential and annoying.
Tried to blog last night, but my computer decided it was time to update. Things move very slow during updates - so slow I couldn't bear the waiting. During this same time, I was working on printing out a hard copy of my manuscript for hand edits and ran out of black ink. Couldn't get the printer que to cancel and ended up shutting the printer off to deal with this morning. Got that fixed, and my pages printed (in blue, red, green and some color the printer made up as it coughed out the last vestiges of ink).
Oh, and I hurt my back.
I don't know how. Just that it hurts a lot. Couldn't find a comfortable position for sleep, and kept waking up. Yes. I know I need to take it easy today - which is where the printed out copy will come in handy.
At least you know I'm still here...

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