Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's Only What Time?

I started trying to write this blog over an hour ago.
During that time, I've accidentally deleted what was actually a non-nonsense post - twice. While I amazed myself by actually having coherent thoughts, I don't have the time, or brain power to recreate it yet again, so you're getting the nonsense you've come to expect from me.
Here's what happened from the time I started trying to blog:
1. K4 fell, scraping her hip and elbow. Much drama, ice and hugs.
2. The dog barking at everything that moves.
3. The cat stalking every cup left in the living room last night. (okay, there was only 2, but he bats at them until he knocks them over and then has the nerve to glare at you because there was no milk spilled. I moved them before the spillage happened. He didn't like that either.)
4. Pirates in my backyard. It's like costume day out there. Every kid has something pirate on, from my niece's striped leggings to the pirate hat worn by K3. Odd things are going on out there, but who am I to argue? They're outside, not fighting and having fun. All good things.
5. The phone rang three times.
6. I made guacamole for tonight's dinner. Don't ask me why I didn't finish the blog first. But the guac turned out very well. Now if I can only leave it alone so there's actually some left for dinner...
7. Someone calling my cell for Gordon. A weird number and bad connection that makes me wonder if the call was from overseas.
Am I going to give you a hint as to what my previous blog posts were about? Nope. I figure if tragedy struck twice, then perhaps I shouldn't blog about the topic at this moment.
That is all...

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Natalie Damschroder said...

Hey, nonsense is what I come here for! Don't apologize for it. :)