Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Intrigued

Unfortunately, this picture is no better than the last one I posted of this old, cool-as-hell place. I'm still searching for information on it, and still coming up empty handed. I think I might have to ask the owners about the history and if I can take some closer shots, maybe get a peek inside. I'll let you know how I make out. I need to know more.
Okay, can I just say...tomorrow is December 1st? Yeah, I can since this is my blog. Ha. That's all I'm going to say though. I think I say the same thing every month, so just expand what I normally say by like a thousand and you'll get how I'm feeling about it being December already. So totally not ready for the hysteria of the holidays. I think I have hives over it!
Short and sweet today!


sailorcross said...

I love old houses!! Where is this place?

And the hives--take some Benadryl and chill--the holidays will be done and over with before we know it. Don't get in a fret over it--just enjoy it!!


Victoria said...

On the north side of Liverpool, tucked back in off the highway.

Fretting is what I do best! :)