Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Saturday

No lucid and logical thoughts come to mind today, but I think you've come to expect that from me.
I have two subjects:
1. Leaves - the two enormous trees in our backyard finally turned a beautiful shade of yellow on Monday. By Wednesday, they decided they were done supporting those leaves and the yard filled with crunchy, beautiful leaves. A nice thing. I usually don't mind raking as long as it's not just me doing it. But the dog piles didn't get picked up due to rain and busyness and this weekend is so packed for us, it'll be next weekend before we can even think about getting a start on it.
2. Birthdays - This weekend is birthday party crazy. Today we head up to my sisters. Tomorrow to my brothers. After tomorrow, we get a short break before it starts all over again. K2's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, which she happens to really like. Makes it easier for coordinating the celebration since we'll all be together anyway.
That's all for now. Now I have to get my crew ready to depart, do some birthday shopping, and make a grocery store run for guacamole ingredients before time to be there.

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