Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

I'm trying a different type of Tall Tale Tuesday. Let me know what you think.
Below is a brief story. In the story, you will find two outright lies.
What are they?
The year was 1985. I remember what happened that day with such clarity. The day before, Ronald Reagan had been sworn into office for his first term. I remember because since I'd voted for the first time in my life, the process deserved my attention. I'd just cracked open a can of "New Coke", thirsty from the hot summer sun and the work of washing my truck, when I looked at my watch. I was late for work. The job I could do without, but not the money. I'd graduated a few weeks earlier, and had yet to begin the process of finding a "grown up" job. I hurried to get to work on time, wishing I had the guts to call off. A person could only slice so much deli meat before the mere thought of eating a sandwich made the stomach turn. I went anyway, thinking of ways to get out of there early, even though I was scheduled to close. My wishful thoughts turned to reality as I joked with the manager on duty. I waved my hand in dramatic conversation and hit the blade of the slicer I was cleaning, effectively engaging three fingers on my right hand with the just-sharpened blade. Needless to say, I left work early. I spent most of the evening in the emergency room getting seven stitches in my fingers.
* * *
Like I said, two outright lies.
Still no prize, except a hearty pat on the back for getting it right.


Jo said...

First Lie: The date. Reagan was sworn into his first term in office in 1981.

Second Lie: The time of year. Hot summer sun and washing your truck? Presidents are sworn into office in January.

How did I do? :oP~

sailorcross said...

I think Jo's got it down--but I'm wondering about this "new coke"--knowing how you feel about diet pepsi!!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, Jo, you are gooooood.

I was looking for more personal stuff. I can't imagine Smith falling for the whole New Coke thing, and I would also expect she'd need more than 7 stitches. You know. It's Smith!

But the other stuff is so obvious! LOL

Victoria said...

Answers in a few...
I think I might try this format again.
V. :)