Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Answers! And I Win!!

Answers first:

Which two of these really happened around my house in the past week:
1. I found a cereal bowl and cheese-covered spoon in the bathroom. And O cereal floating in the potty. Yes, this is true. Gross. Totally gross, but true. K3 decided to cover his O cereal with processed cheese squeeze. I don't know why. He said it was too disgusting to eat, and instead of bringing it to the kitchen he decided to clean it up in the bathroom. Don't ask me. He's 12 and I think that's excuse enough.
2. Squirrels got into the trash and spread it all over the yard. They're crazy. Yesterday morning there were at least 8 running around the yard, digging in the trash, foraging. They're fat, too. Crazy squirrels.
3. A chipmunk dug a hole through the shed door. Trying to get...what? There's nothing in there a chipmunk would want.
Didn't happen lately, but has happened in the past, only they were after bird seed.

So that's that.
I wrangled the malware and won. Finally. I'm still really nervous. But all scans are clean. I'm so thrilled. Now I can get back to work. I might even have another editing post later, depending how it goes. Lot's of stuff going on around here, but I'm hopeful.


Vicky B said...

LOL - You do lead an interesting life!

Victoria said...

LOL - I'm just lucky that way. I guess. :)