Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Progress Monday

That's what I'm doing.
Today was a pretty good day when you look at how many pages I got through. Though, I'm soon getting to the point where I have to backtrack and add/change/tweak elements to make sure the story is solid from beginning to end. You saw part of the list. I'm sure I'll have another list when I get to the last pass read-through.
I want it to be finished. I don't want to rush and miss something obvious. My critique partners are fantastic, but there's no reason to put them through unnecessary work. There's no way it's going to be perfect, nothing ever is. This book is definitely kicking my butt. I still love it, but the doubts are beginning to creep in.
I'm trying to ignore them.
Winter weather is in the forecast. We'll see if we actually get snow this time. I'm not holding my breath, and I refuse to make the prerequisite trip to the store for milk, bread, and toilet paper, especially since I just went and got those things yesterday.
Anyway. I guess this is a different form of random. I am feeling rather random these days, so it makes sense.


Ava Quinn said...

Keep the doubts at bay and keep on plugging! The little teases you've let out on your blog sound really good. You can do it!

Susan Kelley said...

Is there ever an end to editing? I swear I can read through the same fifty pages fifty times and still find little errors. Now that's my work I'm talking about. Have fun with it.

Victoria said...

Thanks, M3.
I will keep going. Some days it's like wading through quicksand though!

Victoria said...

Sue, you're talking about my stuff, too. LOL I don't think that's abnormal and you're right, it never ends!