Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Madness

There's no school today.

That means it's an instant sleeping in day. A beautiful thing.

Except my sleeping in got rudely interrupted this morning. I know other people are dealing with hatches of what look like assassin bugs. We are, too. Though I thought the cold snap might have gloriously eliminated them all. Only I've seen more of the stupid little buggers the past three days than I have yet. Yesterday morning I opened my eyes to see one flying around the ceiling. There was another one on my socks. Blech. This morning, though...I reached my hand behind my head to tuck my pillow in and felt the hard, cold shell of one. I planned to go back to sleep, but my throat felt weird. Yeah, like I'd swallowed a bug weird. Gross. It could have been something else - hair, fuzz, a spider - I don't know. All I do know is that my lovely sleeping in time was over.

Which is fine considering everything I have to do today. Today is clean the house day. We're starting in the wreck of a basement and working our way up as a team, then we'll split to do our own bedrooms as soon as the bathroom is polished. I want it done. As soon as possible. After that, it's editing, cooking dinner, and then an evening obligation.

I'll be very glad to crawl into bed tonight...providing there's no more of those icky bugs hanging around.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Okay, that's, like, the WORST non-crisis way to lose your sleep-in day. Ick!

Susan Kelley said...

I feel like I'm a brave person. I grew up on a farm, faced charging bulls, have broken up fights between students twice my size, but those darn bugs scare me. They're everywhere. How the heck do they get in my house!? I hate them!
Oh yeah, I had inservice today(interpretation-major bore) so I don't care that you didn't get to sleep in. LOL

Victoria said...

I know, Nat!
I kept thinking about it all day! ICK!

Victoria said...

Sue, I think those bugs are evil. They're plotting to kill us while we sleep. They walk all methodical and stuff and they show up in weird places. I don't know how they get in. I haven't been able to find out!
LOL on not caring if I didn't get to sleep. I'm sorry you had to be bored all day!