Sunday, January 25, 2009


A list of random.
1. I know it's winter, but if it's going to be this cold, we should have snow. This year has been very disappointing in the snow department.
2. Sunday afternoon naps are the best.
3. It takes forever to get through the grocery store when you run into a boatload of people you know.
4. Swedish Fish are the best.
5. I'm tired of static electricity.
6. Weekends aren't long enough.
7. Watching your 12 year old react when a girl likes him is pretty darned amusing.
8. Those bugs have got to die out soon. The ones I'm finding downstairs are huge. I don't understand, nor do I like it.
9. It should be illegal to put raisins in with chocolate. That's just gross. It's even grosser when you bite into it without realizing the demon raisins are there.
10. Why do people say "kill you dead". If they kill you, you're dead. There's nothing else.
I don't know.


Susan Kelley said...

Your lists are more randomly everyday. Okay, I made that word up but you get my meaning. Not to dwell on gross bugs, but my husband called to the TV yesterday to watch something. There was this giant water bug that looked just like a stink bug and it caught a piranha. The other piranhas SWAM away in fright while the stink bug sucked the juice out of their school mate. I knew there was a reason to fear those bugs.

Jo said...

ewwww! chocolate AND raisins???? That's a sin!!! I'm tired of the static electricity to! But it's kinda funny when I shock the cats...tee hee....

Victoria said...

LOL, Sue. I'm feeling very random these days!
Those bugs...oh, that's so gross...I'm convinced they're up to something. Methodically gathering their numbers in our homes so they can do to us what they did to that fish!! Yikes!

Victoria said...

Yes, Jo, chocolate AND raisins!! Awful. Raisins are awful things.
The static electricity...well, you know how B feels about it. He is so not amused. The dog seems to be a conduit for it.
We just folded laundry and B quit when I was attacked by a fleece and static.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

#3: Know fewer people.

Victoria said...

LOL, Nat!