Monday, January 05, 2009


Today would have been a perfect Moaning Monday!
My laptop is infected. Horribly infected. I've spent all day trying to get rid of the little buggers. Thanks to a household administration phone call and getting lucky enough to talk to Carlos, I was able to begin to get a handle on the problem. (Thanks, Carlos! Don't forget to email me!) Simon's other half gave me additional guidance, and I think (pray, hope, oh please!) I'm finally making progress. I downloaded a spybot program and the first time it ran, it came up with not only the 3 infections my regular virus protection found, but 12 more (nasty ones, too), and an additional 14 potential risks. I was able to heal all but one, and am now in the process of running the scan again after following the recommendations. Keep your fingers crossed.
So, I've managed zero editing today. Zero. That's not helping the throbbing in my head, I'll tell you that much. See what I mean? Today would have been the perfect Moaning Monday, but since I've quit doing those posts (ha ha)... Yeah, I know, but this was newsworthy, in my opinion. A lesson, if you will. Don't let this happen to you!
Tall Tale Tuesday returns tomorrow! I know you're all very excited! ha! And, depending on how the editing goes, I might post more of my random notes later tomorrow. We'll see.
Hey! Do me a favor and make sure you're backing up your writing files and keeping your protection service up to date. This is a nightmare you don't want to deal with.

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