Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ready for the answer?
1. My brother was deep frying a turkey at our parent's house and caught their shed on fire. Okay, so it was only a little wee fire, but the smoke permeated the whole house. And, the turkey wasn't fully cooked. It was his first attempt at deep frying turkey. Nope. Though we did have a year without a fully cooked deep fried turkey!
2. One Thanksgiving, many years ago, we decided to forget about the traditional dinner and have a seafood feast instead. Linguine and clam sauce. Shrimp. Oysters. Crab legs. My sister ended up in the hospital with a severe seafood allergy. She didn't know she even had one until that day. Nope. Never happened. We did have a seafood Christmas dinner once though, but no one went to the hospital.
3. The year my youngest sister hosted Thanksgiving, we put a bikini made out of tin foil on the turkey for the cooking process. We wanted it to look like the turkey had a tan. It only half worked. We also wore foil helmets while preparing the turkey so aliens couldn't tap into our thought processes. Yes!! I do have pictures of the turkey. I will post one when we find it.
So there you have it!

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