Friday, November 06, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Man! It's been a long week around here! Let me see...
1. Kids being okay, even through a lot of worry.
2. Friday. Oh, how I love you Friday.
3. Last night's Supernatural. One of the best yet. There was so much to love.
4. Making my kid happy by taking him shopping to use his birthday money. We'll see how much lamenting I do over the immense Nerf gun he bought. Immense!
5. Mom Win! (For me and my mom) Encouraging same kid to use one of his gift certificates to buy himself new jeans. Thanks, Mom! Fantastic!
6. Husbands who cook dinner and clean up. And light candles. Nice.
7. Tomorrow's meeting! I can't wait.
8. Getting a decent amount of words on the page this week, despite everything else.
I had at least one more, but my brain blanked.
So, that is all.

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