Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Supernatural People,

I am still a dishrag.
It's been nearly twenty-four hours since Ellen and Jo died and I'm still sad. Yes, they are fictional characters, but they added so much to the show. I am not mad at you for that. Their deaths were a beautiful alignment of how Jo's father gave his life so John could live, and their sacrifice was so important to the story. I'd say it was perfect, but I miss them already. Jo had really grown up and though I had mixed feelings in the past, I could have seen her and Dean as a perfectly matched pair. She definitely didn't take any of his crap. And Ellen has always been one of my favorite characters. Always.
Now we have to wait what seems like forever for a new episode? You're very crafty, Supernatural People. I love you for that, though I am writhing in agony over how long it will take to find out what happened. But Sam and Dean in scrubs (regardless of them being in a mental hospital) will be worth the wait. I suppose.
Way to go with Lucifer. I love the character. He's played perfectly. Castiel, well, he continues to rock my socks off. And the demon who gave Sam and Dean the colt was fantastic.
I find myself nostalgic all of a sudden. I don't want Supernatural to end after this season, but I don't want to see "Sam and Dean go to Hawaii to water ski" either. It's times like this where I am forever grateful to the friends who insisted I would love Supernatural - who loaned me the DVD's and made sure I watched them.
That is all.