Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Madness

There are nearly 200 pies in various places all over my house, including about 70 pumpkin pies on the back porch. I have to keep a constant watch for squirrels, and make sure the dog and/or cat don't mess with the apple and cherry pies in the house. This is what happens when you chair the pie sale for the Boy Scouts. Hauling tray after tray of pies, hoping not to knock one off and wreck it. Then, hauling those same trays into the house and sorting them into individual orders. Fun stuff. Remind me of this the next time I raise my hand. Actually, I don't mind doing it.
Here's my Monday lists:
Stuff I don't like:
1. The pinched nerve or muscle in my neck that will not go away. (No, the new computer didn't make it leave!)
2. Not having my morning coffee.
3. Realizing that despite me asking, no towels got washed yesterday.
4. Being cold inside my house.
5. The alarm going off.
Stuff I do like:
1. Taking naps.
2. Being warm.
3. My shiny new laptop.
4. Making word count progress.
5. Supernatural.
I think that's enough random nonsense for today!

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