Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Days like today make me get back up on my big ole soapbox about joining a writing organization. Today was my monthly writing group meeting. I love these people! There is nothing like (nothing) being in a room of like-minded people to put everything back into perspective! The morning started out rough. Really rough - as in our regular room was being used by another group who weren't very nice to us, even though we'd reserved the room a year in advance. Long story short, we had to use a much, much smaller room, which barely fit us and we then got booted out before we were completely finished. Frustrating!
When it comes down to it though, nothing else matters but being with people who understand exactly what it means to write. We had a great speaker - our usual November speaker - who also happens to be someone I really like and respect. We also had a great lunch and even though the conversation wasn't always happy roses and sunshine, it was good. There was a lot of good news flying around and I love that, especially when it's happening to friends. (Hopefully I'll be adding some author interviews to the blog soon, and hopefully I'll have two more friends to add to my list!!)
Join a writing organization. Go to your local chapter meetings. Get out of your box and actually talk to people, get to know them, find some friends. You won't regret it!
That's all I have for now!


Susan Kelley said...

Great sermon. I second everything you said. Even if you're like me and can't make every meeting, being part of a group motivates, inspires and simply helps.

Victoria said...

It definitely does, Sue!!