Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man, I Suck!!

I swear I thought I posted on Saturday!
But nearly a week? That is so not cool! There's probably no one left reading this crappy blog by now!
I don't have a lot of news to report...
K2 is home from college. Mothers Day was great. My dog is becoming incontinent. The writing is going slow, but it WON'T BE!!
The biggest and best is that my RETREAT is in a little over a day - in the wilds with no civilization for miles. I am so excited! I am packed (for the most part), shopped (I think I have everything), and absolutely ready to go! One more day to get through, and that day includes major field trips for kids, work, and all kinds of stuff that will hopefully help the day go fast.
I will do my best to post from the retreat. No pictures this year, unless I can have some of someone's or take them with my cell. Our camera took a crap and I haven't found a decent replacement yet.
So there you have it...
Is anyone still here?


Joby said...

I'm still here! *waves* Checking your blog, every day, is part of my routine, and helps me to keep track of what's happening in the life of one of my bff's...yes, you! Have fun at your retreat! :) Hugs!!

Ava Quinn said...

Yay, retreat!!!!

And yes, Jo isn't the only one still checking in! (*waves* hi Jo!)

I can't wait until retreat. But of course I have a friggin cold and feel crappy. But I will not be overcome! See you tomorrow night!!

Joby said...

Hi Ava!! *waves* :)

Victoria said...

I'm glad I still have the both of you! :)

We'll have a fantastic time at the retreat, Jo, I'm sure!

Ava, you'd better get rid of that cold! That's no fair!