Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh no....a

Maybe I was wrong about the zombies...
This one...and I know it's a horrible picture...was in my dining room after chasing the kids and the dog around the back yard and running up and down the sidewalk.
She did her makeup and put the zombie clothes on in under 10 minutes.
Now they're making a movie... (I might post it, depending)
Hopefully they leave my ridiculous looking dog out of it. I...kind of...gave her a haircut today. I say kind of because as of right now she has a reverse mohawk. It started with knot removal and a trim around her ears. I thought I'd cut a little before pulling out the clippers - get her used to the idea of what was going to happen next...and then the clippers refused to work. And let me just say that people clippers do not work on her. I tried. (shh...don't tell B) Her hair is probably 5 inches long, and the hair on her hind end is different than her sides. And before you say...duh, I was using the clippers on the areas I already trimmed with scissors. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. She looks very silly. And the groomer can't see her until July.
No. I am not posting a picture of her. I will do my best to save what's left of her dignity.
Besides laundry, grass mowing, and spending a small fortune at the scout store to replace the badges K3 lost so he could be proper for the Eagle ceremony (which was awesome and complete with Indian food) this evening and getting the badges on his sash and shirt (no, I did not sew. I will not. That's why they make Patch Magic. And let me tell you that's fantastic stuff!), that's my day.


Ava Quinn said...

Way too funny, V! I have to say I'd even be happy with a crappy haircut for my pooch. She's out of control.

Victoria said...

You know, I am happy with her crappy haircut because I know the potential for terrible knots has lessened. She might have to live with it until the weekend when I can borrow a pair of clippers that actually will work on her!