Friday, May 13, 2011

Retreat: Day One

(This should have been posted yesterday, but between not having readily available Internet, the long drive, blogger being down, and other events, we're experiencing a twelve hour lag time).
So Thursday went like this:
Up way to early with another potential hole in the waterbed. I'm ticked at first until I realize it's Retreat day! Do the morning routine with the K's and anxiously await the arrival of Simon so we can hit the road. Load more stuff in the back of Simon's van when we arrive at Natalie's to pick up her and Megan. Turnpike rest stops, nonstop talking, lots of excitement. Arrive in town and have lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Good food. Slow service.
Finally arrive at the retreat center! Whoot!! Did a slight bit of room switching, unloaded, organized the room. (Simon and I are sharing this year for the first time ever. So far we both snore, but neither care and we're way too cautious about disturbing the other. I don't expect that to last much longer though.)
Since I'm the retreat chairperson, I organized the meeting room with the help of my travel buddies. Greeted and directed members as they arrived, and finally settled in to work after dinner. Not much work happened, but there was a lot of talking and laughing as everyone settled in.
This is the bathroom soap! Which makes me talk in a funny accent and consider giving it as a consolation prize at tonight's festivities...
Anyway. Back to last night. I finally settle in with my adult beverage, with the windows open and a lovely breeze coming through the windows. Thunder rumbles in the distance and Natalie and I go out to check out the coming storm....
On to post 2....
(I am coming right back. I promise.)
In the meantime...

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