Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Madness...

Isn't that weird?
Yes. Those are nostrils you see in the eye holes. And K4's tongue. This is how she occupied herself one afternoon. I think it's very amusing. The kid loves scissors. Loves them. When I discovered there weren't many things in her room that didn't have cutting involvement, (comforter, mini blinds, pillow, baby doll hair - you name it) I had to take her scissors and hide every pair in the house. (and I'm not entirely convinced she's outgrown the habit, so I'm ever watchful) She loves to cut stuff. She'll even take scissors outside and cut the grass. She's only cut her hair once a few years ago, but she has given the cat and the dog a trim from time to time. When I see her with scissors I constantly remind her what not to cut. Fun stuff in my house. As usual.
Man, it's quiet here! I don't think either K4 or I know what to do with ourselves. She's enjoying not having to share the computer and the fact her brother neglected to put away his gaming system before he left. She figures that's a good indication that she can use it. But, she didn't sleep well last night and I know that's the stress of missing her siblings.
And the dog? She's acting all depressed and holding her paw up for sympathy love. I've checked it over three times now and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
That's all for Monday.

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