Monday, July 07, 2008

A Room With A View

The view from the camper.
This was taken Wednesday morning. It's hard to tell, but the creek was very clear. I know it looks muddy in the picture, but it really wasn't - you could see pretty much every rock and even watch fish meander around.
My night alone with the younger K's? Actually, it went just fine. B left later than he intended, but not before telling me how brave he thought I was and making scared faces at every sound. Goofball. I wrote for a while, and as I was drifting off to sleep, K1 texted me. I spent the next while in a text conversation with him, so by the time we were done, I slept very well.
With the way things were going when we were setting up the camper, I wasn't so sure it would be an easy night. I broke my coffee pot - shattered it all over the camper floor between my feet. We parked the camper in a patch of poison ivy, so I had to pull that out as soon as possible. Luckily, I keep a pair of gloves in the camper for such occasions, and I normally don't get poison. We'll see if that holds true - I hiked through a rather large patch on Thursday because it was better than the alternative path over slimy rocks in the creek. I'm not just talking tiny slippery rocks, but huge boulder-sized ones with the potential for ankle breaking or other serious bodily harm should you happen to slide the right way and get your foot wedged between them. I wanted to take the camera on that particular adventure, but it was good B talked me out of it since I ended up on my butt in the creek more times than I care to count. Plus, I caught zero fish. But even with my slimy rock anxiety and my sister's spastic dog, our hike was a really good time.
The whole time away was really good - even with torrential rain, an overactive, insane moth population, a tick on my butt, and a Dobson fly inside the camper. (I'll show you a picture of a Dobson fly. They're disgusting, evil flying insects.)
More tomorrow!

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