Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Whoot

It's raining here. Yay!
Finally a break from the oppressive heat that's been plaguing us for way, way too long! The rain means a slower paced day, even though the kids all had dental check ups this morning. But, at least that's over with for another six months.
I meant what I said about goofing off this week. It's Wednesday, and the most I've done on my own work is to print out a manuscript and arrange it in my revisions notebook. (It's a nifty notebook, too. It has Captain Jack and Will Turner on it.) I've done a chapter critique, a full manuscript critique, and a part of another full manuscript critique so far. Still have the rest of the last one to finish, but I think it's high time I get some of my own stuff done. Or maybe I should take a nap. I love to take a nap when it's raining.
Okay. So..nap first, then to work.
Sounds like a plan to me!

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