Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Yeah. I'm doing it again...
Wondering what happened to last month.
July already?
It's crazy in a where the heck has summer gone so far kind of way. June was quick - it slipped by without having much attention paid to it. The next thing you know, school supplies will be stocked on store shelves - if they aren't already. I'm looking at the next four/five weeks in utter amazement at what's going on. Every week there's a camp thing, and every weekend an obligation. Which tells you that on August 1st, I'll be saying the same thing. Expect it. Live for it. 'Cause you know you can't wait. :)
We've got a lot going on this week, so posts may be spotty over the next few days. I'm already running behind schedule for today, and I imagine that trend will continue since the younger K's don't seem to be willing to offer much cooperation even though the end result is a good one. It's already noon and K3's still in his jammies though I've asked him to get dressed three times so far.

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