Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What's That?

Believe it or not, we were really looking at something. Or at least trying to. B was sure he saw a young deer drinking from the creek downstream. Of course, my cell phone rang and spooked it, but we were pretty sure it was still in a patch of woods not too far in from what we could see. Besides that brief sighting, the odor of skunk, ducks, and some egrets, we didn't see a lot of wildlife this time. Oh, I did see some baby pilated woodpeckers. They were in that tree right behind B's head. Eww. Though babies are more tolerable that the full-sized creepiness of the adults.
There was an interesting situation caused by...something....we're not sure. Shortly after we went to bed Friday night, we heard a loud crack. With the way the nuts fall out of the trees, we weren't too concerned about it even though the noise was much louder than normal. Saturday morning, my sister went to take their Jeep to the house and found the entire back windshield shattered. You couldn't tell from the outside. Highly doubtful the breakage was caused by a nut, so here are the theories: A deer ran into it, aliens, jealousy over the new car they just bought, or the fact that my bro showed up later with his sling shot and the window figured it'd break itself before he could do it. We did a whole crime scene investigation thing, but couldn't figure out what happened.
That's all for today...maybe...

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